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Sunday, January 29, 2012

WHOA...a 2nd post...in the same month...getting better

I really don't have much to report today. My head is swimming with ideas for some new orders & my closet is swimming in a sea of fabrics and blanks ready to be embellished. I'll admit that I'm a total sucker for a sale on blank tees. If I see them, I get them. period. The real problem and I do mean problem is that I never have sizes and colors that I need, so I'm always buying and stashing and buying and stashing. I guess that's true for most peeps that do what I do. Oh fabric, I'm addicted, I admit it. I'm good to never buy large amounts, because I use such small pieces when I applique, but I use a gazillion different kinds and going to the fabric store is like a going to the candy store...I gotta sample everything. I have grand plans to de-stash some stock, but can't find the time to make the tough decisions on who stays and who goes...Oh well, not going to make any progress today, but I can pat myself on the back for blogging twice this month...pat, pat :)  Until we meet again...SEW long!

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