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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SEW TO SPEAK: Autism Awareness

Guess what....I'm not just your typical wife, mother, daughter, sister, grand-daughter, niece, friend, neighbor, over-caffeinated sewing machine. In fact, little in my life would be considered "typical", at least by typical standards.  You see, I'm also a richly blessed Momma to a super-star-super-hero-rock-my-world-normal-is-anything-but! son with autism. April is Autism Awareness month and although our family is ALWAYS aware, many are not educated nor tolerant of my son's often hard to comprehend disorder. FACT, 1:88 children and 1:54 boys are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, so the odds that you or your children know and love someone with autism is pretty high. To increase research, understanding, compassion and education, I've started a fundraising project thru http://www.autismspeaks.org/.

Please help me complete our puzzle at  http://bit.ly/ICgG7W to "purchase" a puzzle piece. Each piece is $10.00 and 100% of the money goes to Autism Speaks. To thank you for your gracious tax-deductible donation, I'll send you one (1) of my handmade "Sew To Speak" hairclips (for free). There are only 20 pieces to this puzzle and 20 clips available, so don't hesitate to donate now.

Sew to Speak hairclips or magnets

This fabric was selected for my son's love of alphabets, reading and colors. You can choose blue, green, orange, yellow or purple thread. After making your donation, just email or FB message Sew Sweet Princess with your color choice and mailing address.  (NOTE: I can make these as MAGNETS instead of hairclips if you'd rather :)

Thank you in advance for helping make our world better,