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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Monthsies? Yes, Monthsies

So waaaay back in 2011, a sweet friend asked me to make some monthly onesies for her grandson. After his first year of life, she was going to make a quilt out of all the onesies. "What a great idea!", I exclaimed and immediately went to crafting my own design for these little keepsakes.  The name MONTHSIES literally popped into my head. I googled it and it was nowhere to be found, therefore, I'm taking full credit for the name...(pat myself on back :)  AND, I'm putting my unofficial copyright on the name...so there! (yeah, that outta hold up in court).


My friend was kind enough to find all the fabrics to match each month and I machine appliqued each one.  Every month I was so excited to watch this tiny thing grow into a bouncing big boy. Earlier this year, my friend and her daughter finished the quilt and it is nothing short of spectacular.  I wish I had the know-how and time to quilt, but that kind of construction and detail is beyond the perimeters of my attention span.  Needless to say the first set was a hit and I've been custom making Monthsies since then. Many sets are in the works this year and I can't wait to see them all complete.

Too cute, huh? They're a labor of love, but sooo worth it. I only wish I could turn back time and make them for my kiddos! They're also super-adorable on the babies. I won't post pics of the models on here, but there are some in my fan photo album on FB.

Sew long for now!

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  1. Hey Girl!! The Onesies (great name) look great!I am asking Sarah to take a shot of the finished quilt to send you. Also, Becky has mentioned that "we" make a T shirt quilt of all of Katie's old monogrammed clothes that she can no longer wear. Looking forward to that project!! Miss you!!