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Hey there & welcome to Sew Sweet Princess. This is the spot where I post my embroidery & sewing designs & projects and occasional life lessons. Feel free to browse & contact me if I can make something "sew sweet" for you!
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Monday, May 7, 2012

SEWING...takes me away from where I'm going

Today I celebrate the magic of my overactive brain. I was asked to create a baby shower gift to match a very specific theme and color palette. Sometimes I know exactly which fabrics I'll use & the styling is automatic. And other times, I ponder, toil and wrestle with the design for days (or weeks), this was one of these times. I LOVE custom requests, but when the specifics seem, well, specific, I really think a lot about it & there's no automatic. Truthfully, I do my best brainstorming when I should be sleeping, but who can sleep at 3am when you've got magic to perform? Well a few sleepless nights led to this & I'm quite happy with my final product. I give you the ...AHOY...IT'S A BOY! (tiny trio set) & I'm love my whole sleep-deprived process!


  1. Your creations are very original and creative! I'm your newest follower!:)


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